To celebrate the final days of “Forma” by Peter Ceredig-Evans, join us in the Dust Temple Gallery for a live artist in conversation. Artists Peter Ceredig-Evans, Laurie Oxenford and Clayton Blake will discuss their practice, inspiration and personal stories.

WHEN: Wednesday 28 October 2020
TIME: 6.00pm doors
6.30pm – 7.30pm: discussion
WHERE: Dust Temple
COST: $15 (includes drink on arrival)

Bookings essential – TICKETS HERE

Food and drink will be available to order throughout the evening.


Peter has had exhibitions in Australia, London and Bath (UK) as well as exhibiting at art fairs in Germany and The US.
Peter’s paintings explore themes of emotive human response, experience and human interaction through the basic aesthetics of abstract painting. These narratives and ideas are expressed through the composition of non-literal shapes and a fluid application that carries risk, immediacy and a mature balance that has captured the eye of international collectors and galleries. Working predominately in oils on canvas, Peter uses the richness of oil pigment to create a depth in the surface of his work that invites the viewer in and allows the painting to display many layers. Peter’s work is created over a journey of construction and deconstruction in the studio. Always pushing his practice to new discoveries, the feeling of risk and reward is evident in his work which in turn produces truly unique results.

Australian born Clayton Blake is an installation artist widely recognized for his extraordinary works that employ various elements of architecture and sculpture. His practice involves adapting everyday objects to specific artistic and architectural applications. Clayton uses ordinary accessible items to create large scale, contemporary installations that challenge and excite. He constructs expansive works that respond to or reflect their environments, whilst challenging and distorting the viewer’s preconceptions of structures and space.


Laurie Oxenford is an emerging Australian artist, curator and public art producer based in the Gold Coast region. Her adaptable multidisciplinary practice combines a range of contemporary art-making techniques including painting, assemblage, deconstruction and altering recycled industrial materials or found functional objects. She considers how context establishes new dialogues between artworks, space and viewers.

Her work comments on the role of material in art, sustainability and different ways of constructing conceptual meaning. Oxenford explores waste facilities, second-hand outlets and industrial landscapes that offer recycled, environmentally affected functional items such as metal signs, industrial materials, and everyday objects, which inspire, direct and become the starting point for her creative process. She explores how the context for these objects affects their meaning and in turn, how they change the space they inhabit.