from fragments of the mind of images by nature – nature has presented us with shapes colour and inspiration – we are creating an exhibition with a contemporary take on our  SHORELINE EBBTIDE  FLOW MANGROVE WETLANDS CRUSTACEANS OCEAN KELP BALANCE TIME REMNANTS creating is a passion we have in ‘INCOMMON’.
Conversation with an Artist: Jo Norton and Megan Puls
Work by Jo Norton

Q: How would you describe yourself as an artist and your practice?

Jo Norton: I’m a studio potter – working full time for the last 2 years in my studio a converted warehouse in Currumbin.
Megan Puls: I’m a studio potter – with a backyard studio – I make for Exhibitions, Corporate Competitions – with a passion.

Conversation with an Artist: Jo Norton and Megan Puls
Jo Norton

Q: Where were you born and if you studied where did you study?
JN: Born and raised by the ocean in Sydney you will always find sand between my toes and a shell in my pocket.
MP: My birthplace was at the end of a lush valley – on the edge of a forest – my neighbours were my family.

Q: What inspires you, and your art/practice?
JN: The details and repetition found in the monumental and the minuscule, the shifts and changes marked by time; natural and manmade.
MP: Storytelling is a creative pathway – take a thread and run with it.

Q: What mediums do you like to work with and why?
JN: Clay.
MP: Clay – mixed clays – Porcelain – because I can.

Conversation with an Artist: Jo Norton and Megan Puls
Work by Megan Puls

Q: What do you love about working with your medium?
JN: It is a medium that allows me to create an idea through the use of colour, texture and form.
MP: “In mind’s eye as I see it” I use clay as it is a way of executing the story in 3D. It’s what I know.

Q: Please tell us about some highlights you have experienced during your career so far?
MP: Having numerous awards National and International Corporate invites to create Acquisitions

Q: Tell us more about your current exhibition?
JN: “INCOMMON “ 2 potters, a shared vision, a contemporary take on our Shoreline.
MP: Choosing a title “INCOMMON”
Executing “INCOMMON”
Being invited by Jo is a highlight for me. We have a lot “INCOMMON”

Conversation with an Artist: Jo Norton and Megan Puls
Megan Puls

Q: How did the works come about?
JN: 2 potters, 2 bodies of work that meet on the Shoreline
MP: “INCOMMON” is a contemporary take on our SHORELINE – in this exhibition, you will see – two different pair of hands that has uniquely created two different versions of “INCOMMON”.

Q: Can you give us more insight into your creative process and how does your work evolves into a body of work?
JN: A new idea takes shape; the first piece inspires the next; several pieces become part of a series; variations initiate a new idea and the cycle begins again.
MP: I create “in minds eye as I see it” Years of creating have given me acquired skills that become a natural process I make to the space I’m exhibiting.
Creating my work is a pleasure – that is pasted on to the viewer.

Q: What is some important advice you would give to aspiring artists?
JN: Total immersion works for me…
MP: Eat Sleep Breath – Enjoy your Chosen Path.

Q: Where can people find you and your art?
JN: My studio in Currumbin, www.thrownbyjo.com & Instagram @thrownbyjo. Selected retail spaces.
MP: www.meganpuls.com & Instagram – @meganpuls