Alukset… the Vessel by Lindy Davidson

3rd November 2018 – 2nd December 2018

Lindy Davidson

Drawing inspiration from the natural environment, Lindy has been a practicing artist all her adult life, commencing her studies in Drawing and Sculpture in Adelaide, where she specialised in Ceramic Sculpture.

Moving to rural South East Queensland, she has continued to explore and work in a range of media, making both two and three-dimensional works. Lindy has exhibited in solo and group shows in Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed, Murwillumbah and Finland.

Alukset… the Vessel Navigates the liminal space and the littoral tidelines.
It is the self, the father, the brother, the family and the mysterious journey.

In 2014, Lindy had the good fortune to spend three months working and travelling in Scandinavia, also visiting St Petersburg, Northern Germany and England.

Partly motivated by an enquiry into my personal history, and initiated by the award of a residency in Finland, the venture involved living for one month, as Artist in Residence in Kolin Ryynänen in Koli National Park, Finland.

The high interest and support of Environmental Art, both in the Koli region and in Finland as a whole, was an additional contributing factor.

In accordance with Transmodernist concepts, Lindy’s focus has been on communicating Deep Ecology, Geohumanities and spiritual values through her art practice.

In experimental explorations, she has produced both enduring and ephemeral works, from oil paintings to installations and assemblages using natural materials.