A Dog, Cat and Rabbit walk into a Bar by Lucky Lucks

13th April 2019 – 11th May 2019


There could be other punchlines but this is the one our new Artist is running with as there will a lot more in this show than just one Dog, one Cat and a Rabbit.

He calls himself Lucks, and that’s the theme he weaves through his art – luck, its symbolism, its indiscriminate randomness.

This Brisbane artist channels his observations of a life hard-lived into experiences on the canvas.

Horseshoes, rabbits (lots of rabbits), cats (black and white, both considered lucky and unlucky in different parts of the world) flowers, teapots (as symbols of tea-leaf reading in fortune telling), rainbows and roses, words and tags. Each is the story-teller’s talisman and the spray can nozzle and paint brush give them expression.

Born in New Zealand and a resident of Brisbane for the past 20 years, Lucks has employed the spray can to hiss and spit his visual stories into life, first as a street artist and now onto canvas.

Over the last couple of years, he has focused heavily on Cats and Rabbits, both have been such favourites to work with and are riddled with Superstitious matter.

The currents that run deep throughout all of his work, including these new works are that they all relate to his personal research and interest.

The animals have been executed with the use of spray-paint on canvas, further exploring different applications of this medium. Coupled with the continuous experimentation of repetitive layering and texture, I hope to portray contrast and contradiction through painting reality verse abstraction, bold colour verse patterning all combined in which reflects the subject of Luck and superstition and how it can be viewed