NEST by Anaheke Metua

7th July 2018 – 2nd August 2018

Anaheke Metua Headshot 2

Emerging as an artist from years of deep creative inquiry, countless silent hours of weaving, undoing and re-weaving comes a new personal, creative and cultural narrative. This body of work expresses a retrospective view of the many and varied “nests” that have shaped Anaheke’s life and work as an artist.

This process has nurtured an inward journey through her bloodlines, inter – cultural beliefs and behaviors regenerating her idea of ‘home’ to reshape and strengthen her NEST for the next generation.

Using various traditional weaving techniques gleaned from pan cultural influences and direct bloodlines, Anaheke’s work explores the concepts of tradition, ethno botany, pattern language.

Through woven sculpture she deliberately interweaves the dividing range between cultural craft and contemporary art by illuminating the delicate strength of the natural world.

Anaheke Metua