No Foreign Lands by Peter Ceredig-Evans

21th April 2018 – 21th May 2018


Peter Ceredig-Evans creates paintings that carry a strangely welcoming combination of intensity and serenity, whilst offering the emotive human responses often found in abstract expressionism. His use of colour and line emphatically reflecting this. Peter’s brushstrokes are intrinsically expressive, honouring the feeling and emotion of the subject, that are often suggestively depicted to portray a dreamlike narrative.

Human interaction, attraction and human experience are the primary concern in Peters work. It is these notions that we, the viewer, are invited to make associations with and experience something familiar.

‘No Foreign Lands’ has been created in the last 12 months since Peter has been living in Australia. The paintings show dreamlike moments captured from various places Peter had traveled to. The location of the subjects holds little significance to the work. It is the humanistic narratives that are celebrated, in sometimes ghostlike manners, alluding the viewer to question the reality of the subject yet at the same time creating the opportunity to connect with the work. The Idea is that no lands are foreign to someone.