Twisted in Motion by Daniel Papantoniou

19th January 2019 – 15th February 2019

Daniel Papantoniou

Inspired by vibrant colour design I aim to twist conventional approaches to representational drawing and painting with an ink on paper technique I learnt during a residency in Germany this year. My intention with these paintings was to depict iPhones, cigarettes and lust in an attempt to discuss acute addictions and how they have morphed our existence.

In terms of traditional perspective in drawing, I gained influence from interiors in my life and everyday objects, altering and repeating common themes (flower vases, coffee tables, etc) revealing conscious similarities. I find using watercolours and inks the most personally intuitive medium for myself to express these themes which are important for me to discuss as an artist.

Tattooing is my daily passion and has kept me busy for over 6 years, enabling me to travel to different countries and visit museums all over the world. Ever since studying fine art in Brisbane I’ve always been fascinated by representational expressionism and surrealism, my investigation into these genres lead me to paint loosely as opposed to executing meticulous tattooing. Moving forward in my art practices this juxtaposition of stylistic approaches provides myself with a healthy balance between my professional career tattooing and expressing myself as a painter with a social consciousness.