From 6:30pm13th Jun


In the current era, where the boundaries between material and spiritual existence blur, Adorned challenges conventional notions of identity, empowering individuals to actively shape their engagement with both inner and external worlds.

The performance explores the complex relationships intertwined with human desire, materialism, consumerism, and greed. Simultaneously, it seeks to revive the lost art of adornment and foster a reconnection with the spirit of objects and nature. At its core, Adorned strives to emphasise the act of generating and creating, advocating for a cultural shift from consumption to conscious creativity and connection.

This collaborative artistic venture invites the audience to witness the dynamic and spontaneous fusion of contemporary dance, ochre paints, and clay—a harmonious celebration of the body’s creative expression over material consumption.

Immersing the audience in a sensory journey, the performance features ceramic bowls gliding across surfaces and clay oozing through fingers. Minimal and sparse music allows for an unfiltered connection with the animistic and unified lens through which the performance unfolds. Adorned becomes a conduit for empowerment, urging individuals to become conscious decision-makers in shaping their identities.

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