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Daniel Pap

Exhibiting in the gallery

From 6th Feb-4th Mar

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Upcoming Exhibitions

From 6th Feb-4th Mar

Daniel Pap

Exhibiting in the gallery

From 5th Mar-1st Apr

Rebecca Cunningham

Exhibiting in the gallery

From 2nd Apr-5th May

‘Ascendant’ Exhibition of new works by Jo Norton

Jo Norton has been working with clay for over 10 years

Previous Exhibitions

From 5th Dec-20th Jan

Daniel Pap – Reflections

An exhibition of paintings exploring the elemental forces of ocean, earth and sky and the powerful, primitive emotions they evoke within us.

From 24th Jan-18th Feb

Rosemary Upton – A Potpourri of Individualism

For this exhibition I have been exploring the innermost reaches of my soul. I am searching with majestic slowness, an approach to painting that expresses and satisfies my subconsciousness, appeases my passion and sometimes reflects the turmoil of my changing moods.

From 27th Feb-17th Mar


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