From 7:00pm27th Jun

Alternator Poetry June

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

It’s been a freaking amazing week in celebration of our friend Angus Anguri. There have been ceremonies all over the places, fires lit along midnight shores and wild dancing shaking the grounds of the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Alternator Poetry is going to follow suit in honour of Angus. For this session there will be no feature poet. Instead we would like to invite you scribes to write a poem for Angus and contribute to a big poetic prayer for the beautiful brother we all knew so well.

It will be an open mic as usual. And all poems are welcome, but we will be driving with the overall theme of poems for Angus. It can be tender, it can be wild and full of fire like he was, it can be oceanic, it can be jungle prose, it can be whatever you feel is most fitting to celebrate his spirit.

I apologies for the late notice of this event. The event of Angus’s passing has thrown me off the old organisational track. I hope you have enough time to put the pen to paper on this one, Angus was always up for a bit of spontaneity 😉