From 7:00pm10th Oct

Break Through Your Creative Barriers WORKSHOP w ASH PERROW

You love being creative and your difficulty being seen as an artist & sharing your creative work is causing you to hide. Being seen or feeling judged is a challenge many creatives face. Unfortunately, one negative comment or your fear of not being good enough can cause you to disngage from your creativity for weeks, months or even years. The impact of this can be haunting and it doesn’t need to be. In this two hour interactive workshop you will have opportunities to explore the inner critic and learn strategies so you’re more able to courageously share yourself and your work. Ash Perrow is an engaging Creative Freedom Facilitator who teaches that the creative path is one of self discovery and personal growth. To hide from this personal discovery and growth limits your ability to live wholeheartedly and share your creative gifts. Attendees of this workshop have the opportunity to walk away with a greater awareness of their inner critic, a range of strategies for managing doubt and fear and a renewed enthusiasm for your creative work. Early bird ticket price of $25 + BF finishes 8pm Wednesday 5 October. The full priced workshop fee is $35 + BF.

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