From 4:00pm22nd Jan

Catherine Hossack – Embassy – Exhibition Opening

This is my second exhibition at The Dust Temple. The first being paint – this one, my emotive prints. Covid kept me moving and thus uncertainty since day one led me to seek how we all responded to Covid so differently and just how quickly I felt our world was being changed. My deep sadness in how many of our dearest and wisest elders were lost. How many people were left divided. Moments during this time that have instinctively moved me, not just an Artist but as a mother first, leaving my footprints, and some Australian History in what I have personally found visually stood out.

I hope my work resonates for those who struggled with lockdowns isolation, loss of jobs, and small business. Growing up in our families small business, a Melbourne Toilet Paper Factory as a child, sold in the 80s . My covid journey was triggered. I was completely complexed watching people fight over toilet paper, knowing my father would of handed it out in such time of crisis and fear, this set me on a snap shot journey to document what I have found most interesting during the Australian Pandemic. Driven by my respect for small business and family.