From 6:00pm19th Nov

Dusty Beach Party

Grab your friends and come along for a night of music, *sand*, and good vibes.

Marlis Dendy, single Mum of two beaut kids, superstar Graphic Designer (she created the logo for the Dust Temple) who only 6 weeks ago was tragically diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer in her bowel, liver and lungs. It’s the worst possible diagnoses.

But anyone who knows Marlis, and anyone who knows what it’s like to be a parent of young kids knows that Cancer isn’t getting it’s own way. it has one heck of a fight on it’s hands.

So we’re raising money for Marlis to assist her ongoing treatments, and for her to have the gift of time with her awesome kids.

How can I help? Glad you asked.

We’re hosting a Beach Party at the Dust Temple on the 19th November and it’ll be all kinds of epic. Grab your ticket (or ten) and join us for an amazing evening of fun and fundraising.


If you want to support through donation and auction, please see details here:

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