From 7:00pm18th Aug

Friday Night Troubadour – JC & the Tree

JC and the Tree create brilliant soundscapes that elevate you into timeless visions of all things connected to nature and the world beyond. Inspired by their hometown of Sunshine Coast, this indie-folk duo writes melodies about all things from the mountains to the sea and life between. The heartfelt violin playing from JC soars as the warm rich tones of the Tree set a benchmark that transcends the ordinary music lovers ear. Their voices blend beautifully in harmony as they play their range of original indie/folk tunes. Pushing boundaries they take their audiences on a journey through genres including gypsy/spanish violin pieces, folk/metal rock songs, funky wah-wah violin grooves and soulful piano ballads. Music is a language beyond words and JC and the Tree are inspired to use it as a tool to bring all walks of life together.