From 5:00pm10th Jul

INCOMMON Exhibition Opening

Conversation with an Artist: Jo Norton and Megan Puls

INCOMMON UNIQUELY CREATED BY TWO CLAY ARTISTS From fragments of the mind of images by nature – nature has presented us with shapes colour and inspiration – we are creating an exhibition with a contemporary take on our


~ Creating is a passion we have in ‘INCOMMON’

About Megan Puls Inspired by the natural landscape.  I have a fascination with our ever-changing environment and a deep passion to create. Particularly the extraordinary and ever-changing world of the wetlands.  Each of my vessels tells the story of nature.  Organic in shape. Quiet in manner.  They evoke the beauty and complexity of our fragile ecosystem.

“Megan Puls is one of Australia’s more successful ceramic artists. Her work has featured in art competitions, festivals, magazines, books and is in collections internationally. She is known for her ability to throw and sculpt very large works.” Jane Denison, 2013 Panoptic Press About Jo Norton Born and raised by the ocean, and now living in Queensland, Australia.  I am Inspired by the simple beauty of landscape; natural or manmade. With a focus on natural forms and modern design I use the visual sources that surround me; the oceans, coastlines, architecture and weather to shape my work. You will find me making in my studio Norton + Norton.