From 6:00pm29th Jun

IROK ~ Nothing Left. Never Right

Dust Temple

Exhibition of new works opening June 29th In IROKS words

“I grew up in a lower middle class family. ”This is not a pull on the heartstrings tale from the ghetto, and how hard it was growing up for me, it never is, no matter who you are or where you are from honestly.”

He says he was a youth who was ‘kinda’ starved of attention. Good or bad he just wanted a voice that could not be ignored… and eventually from a very young age he found that voice in graffiti.

IROKS time in the graffiti world, taught him a lot about himself, others and the world in general. He always painted whatever he wanted and not what was expected of him by others. The artist never wanted to follow trends or obey the rules so he just didn’t and that theory of painting still sits with his work today

“ If I wasn’t painting something of real substance or real meaning to me, I couldn’t understand how it would have meaning to anyone else”

“Everything I’ve ever painted in my life I’ve done for a reason that goes far beyond the painting itself”.

IROKs work is introspective in its nature. This being said, when viewing his art more often than not, others find they tend to connect with a piece and find their own story in his work.

“To have someone find their own story in something I create, to me is so humbling” says the artist.

Emotion in the work is paramount to IROK. The need to pour out whatever is inside of him is like a therapy session each time he paints. “Each new work is another piece of me out there in the world”