From 8:00pm28th Jun

Karl S Williams & M.E. BAIRD | TIME Tour

Dust Temple

A double-bill of two of the most startling musicians in the country and an intoxicating journey through all the layers of human emotion and experience… Karl S Williams and M.E. BAIRD.

Featuring Karl S Williams | solo set M.E. Baird | with band, including: Hannah Jane – violin and vocals | Karl S Williams – piano/organ | Julian Smith – bass | ‘Leroy’ – drums

FRIDAY JUNE 28 | 2019 PERFORMANCE 8.00pm | Doors Open 7.00pm

In November 2018, M.E. Baird released his 5th album entitled ’TIME’ worldwide on all digital platforms, to glowing reviews and global recognition. The physical version of the album was released in Australia on the first day of Winter, June 1st 2019. On JUNE 28th, M.E. Baird brings his [TIME ] Tour and his full band to the Gold Coast, for this intimate and exclusive performance at the Dust Temple.

“Deeply evocative, M.E. Baird is driven by emotion. Whether in the carefully crafted lyrics or the music itself, emotion drips from everywhere, it trickles down walls and pools on the floor. It aches and hurts…and it’s beautiful.” ★★★★ (Samuel J Fell, Rhythms Magazine, Australia)

“So good it might even save your life.” (Noel Mengel, review of Karl S Williams’s debut album Heartwood | 2014)