From 8:00pm16th Apr

Roz Pappalardo


For the best part of two decades, Roz Pappalardo has been shaking things up, challenging perceptions and very much forging her own direction through the music landscape. There have been rock records, folk tunes, country albums, and more recently a successful move into musical theatre. In total, she has released more than 10 records in various guises, perhaps the best known though with her much-loved duo, Women in Docs. It was ‘The Docs’ that brought Roz’s incredible voice and song-writing smarts into the spotlight and a band that has seen her tour the country and the globe more times than she can remember.

Now based in Cairns, the one constant through Roz’s career has been a drive to do her own thing and consequences be damned. Nowhere is that more apparent than on her striking new solo album, Won’t Be Quiet.