From 10:00am15th Apr

Saturday Morning Sounds – PIRRITU

Pirritu’s music is a gentle, honest, and melodic personal journey that entices you into the depths of sadness, love, and shimmering hope. The upcoming album ‘Fire When The Sun Goes Down’ (out 24 March, 2023) presents classic folk storytelling elements, connecting his personal journey of self-discovery to country and culture. A true folk ensemble brings an immersive sound that underscores the strong visual narrative offered through Pirritu’s songs, with folk instrumentation weaving amongst his unique vocals like the gentle wind and waters that the Ngiyampaa man sings of. The songman’s work honours a cultural journey to connect back to land, language, and family with a continual thirst for deeper understanding of his people and country. Pirritu uses his songlines to spread a message of love and kindness through a warm sonic embrace.