From 6:00pm15th Sep

SWELL Fringe – Beers & Beats

As part of SWELL Fridge Festival, The Walls Art Space will present Medium Rare, a site-specific art and sculpture event which responds to the physical and psychological landscape, here and now.

Join us at Dust Temple to hear from The Walls Art Space artists hosted by Chris Bennie.

6.00pm – 7.00pm | Panel Discussion

7.30 pm – 9.00 pm | Beats & Beers – a  session with Chris Bennie and his latest electronic project, Olympic Pool Maintenance.


As part of SWELL Fringe Festival THE WALLS ART SPACE will present MEDIUM RARE; site specific art and sculpture: responding to the physical and psychological landscape, here and now.
Join us at Dust Temple to hear from THE WALLS ART SPACE artists hosted by Chris Bennie.
Laurie Oxenford and Grace Dewar’s collaborative practice considers the critical thresholds and potentials of public space. Their site-specific and durational projects are approached with a shared spatial aesthetic that is inherently concerned with process, performance and conceptual practices. Often realised via psycho-geography and social practice, they respond to site and situation as part of the work. Within their interdisciplinary practices, they navigate shared interests in material hierarchies, value and chance as principles for developing critical dialogue.
‘DISCOUNT POOL SUPPLIES’ is an investigation and intervention of the quasi-industrial locality of The WALLS Art Space, Miami. Initiated as a chance encounter with Discount Pool Supplies (open Mon–Fri 8:30am–12:30pm), the first informal interaction and subsequent meetings occurred with no preconceived outcome, but an interest in the everyday systems, intentions and material archives existing in the shop space.
Situated in the expanded field of public art, ‘DISCOUNT POOL SUPPLIES’ was developed as a series of actions and exchanges; presenting new understandings and spatial inquiries. Acknowledging public space as a “participatory landscape”, their object-based experiments position public space as a studio, interaction as form, and active participation as activism. Images, video and objects offer an incomplete archive of the live interactions between the artists and their unknowing collaborators.
SWELL Fringe Festival presents Beats and Beers with Chris Bennie.
Olympic Pool Maintenance League is a techno project by artist Chris Bennie. It has released on Mord, Oni Recordings, Basse-Cour, Sub-Label White, Occultech Recordings and Pocketmoth. Olympic Pool Maintenance League is informed by a legacy of techno music spanning from Harthouse and Superstition Records through to our current era. The project is an extension of the artists award winning visual art practice to embrace techno as a cultural artefact shaping our experience and understanding of the world. Olympic Pool Maintenance League has performed its 100% original music live at numerous events in Queensland, Australia including NYD (IWTFA, SubRosa) and Loops ‘n Things (Flamin Galah). For Beats and Beers Bennie will deliver a DJ set of original material alongside tracks by local and international producers.
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