From 4:00pm19th May


Transport yourself to Spain with this magical, passionate and vibrant show, powered by Flamenco House!

Under the direction of Diego Perez, member of UNESCO International Dance Council, “Tablao Flamenco” will transport you to the most beautiful regions of Spain as you feel the strength and magic of this beautiful art.

The virtuouso guitarist Camaron de la Vega creates the magical music of “Tablao Flamenco”. And the powerful voice of Cristina Gonzales Vega and the beauty and grace of dancer Anna Rocias, make this show one of the most vibrant and passionate performances you will experience at Dust Temple.

Castanets, claps, hand fans, strumming guitars and fierce footwork will create an incomparable experience and will make you feel like you are in an authentic Spanish bar… In an authentic “Tablao Flamenco”

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