From 8:00pm20th Nov

The Dawn Light

THE DAWN LIGHT ANGELA IIMURA | OJ NEWCOMB | BRODIE GRAHAM | CHARLES WALL (AKA BOBBY ALU) “The heart is a thousand-stringed instrument that can only be tuned with Love.”

by HAfiz (rendered by Daniel Ladinsky)

The Dawn Light is an exciting new project by Angela Iimura & Oj Newcomb which also features highly acclaimed musicians Brodie Graham (T H U M P, Band of Frequencies, The New Buzz, Andrea Kirwin Band, Golden Sound, Dave Orr Band) on guitar, and Charles Wall (aka Bobby Alu) on drums.

After many years of deeply connecting with the profound verses of the great mystic poets – Hafiz and Francis Brabazon – Angela Began to use their poems as lyrics, writing songs that could be described as a dear companion to the human spirit, shedding beams of light, joy and inspiration on the path of life.

Doors: 7pm

Performance: 8pm