From 7:00pm16th Oct


artemus events and DUST TEMPLE presents RESCHEDULED FROM AUGUST 28th ……. THE LOVEYS Actually

The Loveys present a new foray into the wild, wonderful, flirtatious and completely uninhibited – THE LOVELYS Actually.

Their last adventure – Flirting With The Loveys – was an absolute highlight of the 2019 ARTEMUS concert series. Laughter, love and an exploration of the ten tips and tricks in the high art of flirting.

These ladies sing and dazzle and any every time, they lead us all down the long and winding garden path of utter delight. Join us for another evening of laughter and cabaret supreme.

Warning: there may also be some rude bits in this show ….. so, as always, the most mature guidance is recommended 😉 …