From 6:00pm20th Nov

Tracy Chapman Tribute Show

Andrea Kirwin and band are embarking on an East Coast Tour performing the songs of Tracy Chapman, in a 2 hour tribute show featuring songs from her 8 studio Albums. The show will be coming to The Dust Temple on Sun 20 Nov. Doors open at 6:30 and the the show starts at 7pm, all ages welcome. Tracy Chapman is one of the music industry’s greatest singer-songwriter success stories, capturing a global audience in 1988 with her self titled debut album and her voice and guitar, which she later went on to win 2 x Grammy awards for Album of the year and Best contemporary folk Album. Tracy’s music has stood the test of time with ‘Fast Car’ and ‘Give Me One Reason’ being two songs which have made their way into many singer-songwriters setlists over the years, but Andrea’s love of Tracy’s music has expanded into a stand alone 2 hour concert featuring some of Tracy’s lesser known songs. About the Concert: Most of us have a story about the first time we discovered Tracy Chapman’s music. For some of us it was driving on a road trip and hearing ‘Talking bout a Revolution’, or ‘Fast Car’, for others we bought the vinyl record or cassette! Produced by David Kershenbaum for Elektra Records in the late 80s, the acoustic sounds of Tracy’s debut album stood out against the brash, synth heavy dance pop that decade is most famous for. It is challenging to find information on Tracy Chapman online other than on her website and wikipedia page, but Andrea had the pleasure of speaking with David Kershenbaum about the recording of Tracy’s first album in 2019 when she had a 1 hour meeting with the legendary Producer over Zoom. Even through Tracy Chapman remains quite the enigma to the general public, you can tell a lot about Tracy through her lyrics and songs. They are authentic, powerful, softly spoken at times and unforgettable. This explains why her albums have made it into the homes of many people across the world and over time, she continues to be Andrea has been a fan of Tracy’s music since she discovered Tracy’s music after inheriting her big brother’s cd collection in 1992 as a 7 year old. She remembers listening to the Album and being filled with a sense of curiosity about who was Tracy Chapman? Andrea will explore some of these questions and tell stories about the significance of some of the songs during the concert, which will be played very much the same as on the original recordings. The band members consist of Brett Orr on Drums, Daniel Khoury on Bass and Keys and Brodie Graham on Electric guitar and Bass, and of course Andrea Kirwin on guitar and vocals. The concert will be open to all ages and singing along is encouraged!

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