From 11th Mar-27th Apr

Peter Ceredig-Evans – Palimpsest

In this new body of work, Peter explores the notions of history and experience, drawing upon urban and natural inspiration to tell a story of time. The paintings evolve gradually in the studio, collecting fragments and forming perspectives and shapes that leave subtle clues of the underlying narrative. In architecture, the term palimpsest refers to the layering of different historical and cultural elements over time, creating a sense of depth and complexity in the built environment. This can be seen in cities around the world, where buildings, streets, and other elements reflect the various cultures, histories, and influences that have shaped the city and landscape. Surfaces and textures play a significant role in the way that we perceive and experience urban and natural spaces. Hard, smooth surfaces such as concrete and asphalt can evoke a sense of order and control, while rough, textured surfaces such as wood and stone can bring a sense of warmth and familiarity. It is these relationships and considerations that Peter draws upon with paint and canvas. Aside from connotations around the removal of layers and the story that is revealed from new surfaces, there is also the natural draw to biophilic design that attracts the artist to this subject matter because of the connection that is ignited from incorporating the built environment with the natural world.