From 25th Oct-26th Nov

Peter Ceredig-Evans

Peter Ceredig Evans’ paintings carry both intensity and serenity. Ambiguity and abstraction play key compositional roles in the artist’s work. Ceredig-Evans is continuously constructing and deconstructing layers until he achieves the right reference. Using large brushes, rags, and spatulas to apply layers of paint, and create a variety of textures and colour compositions, the artist, has created his own language with paint. Visceral layers are built up with a custom blend of turpentine and various oils which are applied and then partially removed to reveal new compositions underneath the surface. Like in the physical landscape, time is a key player in his creative practice. On each canvas, he has established complex layers of paint sediment. By working back into this, through a rolling process of construction and deconstruction, the form of each work takes shape gradually and dynamically.
– Extract taken from review by Laurie Oxenford.
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