From 9th Sep-5th Oct

There’s Alot More Thinking Than I Thought – Dion Parker & Courtenay McCue

“There’s a lot more thinking than I ever thought.” 2nd Showing

Courtenay and Dion are a Gold Coast based collaborative duo. Their works span a variety of mediums including painting, ceramics and textiles. Courtenay and Dion draw from influences from popular culture, nostalgia, childhood memories, every day objects and conversations. Their works almost seem thrown together to create a visual tapestry. Being from two very different generations these influences and even ideas of nostalgia are often very different, yet somehow they manage to blur the line between where one of them starts and the other begins. This body of work is an exhibition of paintings, sculptures and textile works that were conceived during their month long residency at QBank Gallery in Queenstown, Tasmania and then shown at Penny Contemporary in Hobart. They are excited to share this body of work with their hometown friends! The works reference thoughts and ideas that were sparked on the road, conversations they overheard at the local pub, beautiful landscapes that they saw and explored and every day objects that were around them at the time.