Previous Exhibitions

From 11th Nov

Mal Leckie – The Humble Picture Exhibition

The short version of what’s going on with this show is that it’s about simplicity, in both our lives and our aspirations. These small and simple works are done with all the acquired visual understanding I could muster distilled into the most basic and efficient marks I could make. I am interested in how much ‘feel of place‘ I can communicate using as little as possible.

From 7th Oct-9th Nov

Daughter – Rebecca Cunningham Solo Exhibition

This exhibition’s captivating narrative prompts introspection, inviting audiences to explore the profound interconnectedness between our environment and our emotions.

From 9th Sep-5th Oct

There’s Alot More Thinking Than I Thought – Dion Parker & Courtenay McCue

This body of work is an exhibition of paintings, sculptures and textile works that were conceived during their month long residency at QBank Gallery in Queenstown, Tasmania and then shown at Penny Contemporary in Hobart. They are excited to share this body of work with their hometown friends!

From 6th Aug-5th Sep


Our annual Dean Cogle Portrait Prize is showing in the Gallery. See more ‘more information’ for this years catalogue and peoples choice voting

From 8th Apr-11th Jul

Dean Cogle Portrait Prize 2023 ENTRIES NOW OPEN 4 April 23-11th July 23

Entries now being accepted to the Dean Cogle Portrait Prize 2023 via ‘Get Ticket’ button. Exhibition Opening Night 5th August 2023

From 11th Mar-27th Apr

Peter Ceredig-Evans – Palimpsest

In this new body of work, Peter explores the notions of history and experience, drawing upon urban and natural inspiration to tell a story of time.

From 11th Feb-9th Mar


‘Ozzie Wright the pro surfer, musician, film-maker, dreamer and member of punk-rock band The Goons of Doom and his creative alter ego Ozzy Wrong brings to Dust his latest works of goodness.

From 2nd Jul-2nd Aug

Jeff Raglus Golden Daze Exhibition

Jeff Raglus is a contemporary artist who divides his practice equally between music and the visual arts. More information, view exhibition to see catalogue of works.

From 10th Sep-7th Oct

JJ JAMES – Pink Dusk

Pink Dusk new works from emerging artist JJ James

From 7th Aug-6th Sep

Dean Cogle Portrait Prize 2022

Dean Cogle Portrait Prize Peoples Choice, vote now!

From 15th Jun-30th Jun

Stan ‘Yarra” Yarramunua – Journey in the Milky Way Exhibition

I’m an artist who draws on life in this big red and yellow and black country.’ Stan ‘Yarra’ Yarramunua: Wathaurong man artist, musician, actor, social worker, businessman. HE OPENED ONE OF THE FIRST PRIVATELY OWNED ABORIGINAL ART GALLERIES IN AUSTRALIA AND REPRESENTS INDIGENOUS ART FROM AROUND AUSTRALIA. STAN HAS NOT FORGOTTEN HIS ROOTS AND IS […]

From 5th Jun-10th Jun

What we Consider Waste – Sophia L Franks

Through partnering with Gold Coast Green Week and Dust Temple, What We Consider Waste explores this local food waste through the lens of contemporary art practice in order to promote awareness about current issues surrounding ecological concerns

From 7th Apr-5th May

From Pillar to Post an exhibition by Rhys John Kaye

From 5th Mar-1st Apr

Rebecca Cunningham

Exhibiting in the gallery

From 6th Feb-4th Mar

Daniel Pap

Exhibiting in the gallery

From 24th Jan-18th Feb

Rosemary Upton – A Potpourri of Individualism

For this exhibition I have been exploring the innermost reaches of my soul. I am searching with majestic slowness, an approach to painting that expresses and satisfies my subconsciousness, appeases my passion and sometimes reflects the turmoil of my changing moods.

From 4th Dec-7th Jan

Life Drawing Sessions

Life Drawing Sessions was created in 2014 at the Dust Temple, Gold Coast by Rebecca Cunningham and Dean Cogle. From humble beginnings this event has grown to be a well sought-after experience by both artists and those wanting to try something new. Life Drawing Sessions has continued to grow at the Dust Temple, HOTA and […]

From 29th Oct-31st Oct

Expression of Interest to Exhibit at Dust Temple

Fill out an Expression of Interest to Exhibit in the Gallery here

From 27th Nov-2nd Dec

8 x 8 to Educate

8×8 is an art competition with amazing prizes created by 16 year old Katura Halleday.

From 4th Sep-19th Sep

SWELL Smalls Gallery

The 2021 SWELL Smalls Gallery at Dust Temple will exhibit over 40 smaller sculptures across two weeks throughout the festival

From 7th Aug-2nd Sep

Dean Cogle Portrait Prize 2021

Dean Cogle Portrait Prize 2021 – Opening Night: Saturday 14 August 

From 25th Oct-26th Nov

Peter Ceredig-Evans

Peter Ceredig Evans’ paintings carry both intensity and serenity.

From 15th May-24th Jun

Catherine Hossack – Finding My Way “Out”

Artist Bio Born – Melbourne 10.06.1965 Moved to Queensland for the Light & Sun – 2020 PAST – Horse rider; hairdresser; drawer; mosaicist; landscape gardener; interior designer NOW – Painter I love deadlines – challenging – exposing – making mistakes – learning Art style; real/surreal landscapes from life abstractions, raw energy on canvas, articulate line […]

From 20th Mar-17th Apr

Coco Loberg – Candy

Coco has spent the past five years travelling through and living in Europe, USA, Australia and India as a tattoo artist, writer and photographer. Candy is her first solo exhibition of her new medium on canvas and screen prints.

From 27th Feb-17th Mar


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