Previous Exhibitions

From 24th Jan-18th Feb

Rosemary Upton – A Potpourri of Individualism

For this exhibition I have been exploring the innermost reaches of my soul. I am searching with majestic slowness, an approach to painting that expresses and satisfies my subconsciousness, appeases my passion and sometimes reflects the turmoil of my changing moods.

From 27th Feb-17th Mar


FEATURE ARTISTS: Jordache, Callum Francis, Emmanuel Moore, Lucks CATALOUGE ARTIST INTERVIEWS Jordache Callum Francis Emmanuel Moore Lucks

From 20th Mar-17th Apr

Coco Loberg – Candy

Coco has spent the past five years travelling through and living in Europe, USA, Australia and India as a tattoo artist, writer and photographer. Candy is her first solo exhibition of her new medium on canvas and screen prints.

From 15th May-24th Jun

Catherine Hossack – Finding My Way “Out”

Artist Bio Born – Melbourne 10.06.1965 Moved to Queensland for the Light & Sun – 2020 PAST – Horse rider; hairdresser; drawer; mosaicist; landscape gardener; interior designer NOW – Painter I love deadlines – challenging – exposing – making mistakes – learning Art style; real/surreal landscapes from life abstractions, raw energy on canvas, articulate line […]

From 12th Jul-5th Aug

Peter Ceredig-Evans

Peter Ceredig Evans’ paintings carry both intensity and serenity. Ambiguity and abstraction play key compositional roles in the artist’s work. Ceredig-Evans is continuously constructing and deconstructing layers until he achieves the right reference. Using large brushes, rags, and spatulas to apply layers of paint, and create a variety of textures and colour compositions, the artist, has created his own language with paint. Visceral layers are built up with a custom blend of turpentine and various oils which are applied and then partially removed to reveal new compositions underneath the surface. Like in the physical landscape, time is a key player in his creative practice. On each canvas, he has established complex layers of paint sediment. By working back into this, through a rolling process of construction and deconstruction, the form of each work takes shape gradually and dynamically.

From 7th Aug-2nd Sep

Dean Cogle Portrait Prize 2021

Dean Cogle Portrait Prize 2021 – Opening Night: Saturday 14 August 

From 4th Sep-19th Sep

SWELL Smalls Gallery

The 2021 SWELL Smalls Gallery at Dust Temple will exhibit over 40 smaller sculptures across two weeks throughout the festival

From 5th Dec-20th Jan

Daniel Pap – Reflections

An exhibition of paintings exploring the elemental forces of ocean, earth and sky and the powerful, primitive emotions they evoke within us.