From 2:00pm27th May

10 YEAHS – Dust Temple celebrates 10 years!

We are so freaking excited to present this stellar line up of acts to celebrate our 10th birthday! Over the years all of the acts have in some way added to the fabric of Dust Temple, from gigging, advising, coming to the rescue with gear or picking up gigs, slinging coffee and beers or all of the above.  Not to mention they are some of the best acts around!! To have them be a part of our 10 YEAHS celebration means the world to us. We hope you can join us to celebrate theirs and our own creative journey.

(In no particular order)

KARL S WILLIAMS: Karl S. Williams … A genre defying, multi-instrumentalist and award-winning artist, with a voice and conviction so powerful it takes your breath away. Karl’s music is timeless and deeply rooted in tradition yet ever conversant with the present. This is blues, roots, folk, and a unique Australian distillation of Americana, steeped in the swamp water and cane country of northern NSW (the landscape of his childhood). His songs distil life, love and the human condition; his music calls with urgency; his solution and vocation are to love more and sing without apology. A

AMY JOHN ROBERTS: Amy John Roberts is a South East Queensland artist dedicated to pulling on heart strings. Her passion for writing relatable and insightful lyrics are an insight into Roberts’ dedication to learning, growth and introspection. Combining the ambience of soft rock with the passion and power of great ballads,

LUJA MURFI:Luja Murfi are a 4 piece band formed in Gold Coast, 2019. A whimsical group of friends, fronted by brothers Luke and Miles Morel,sharing Vocals, Rhythm and Lead guitar. Backed by the strong Rhythm section of Jax Fostagic on Bass and Luke Johnson on Drums/Percussion. Drawing forth from the source, conjuring with elements of funk, jazz, rock & psychedelia to produce heart felt grooves and melodies. 

BUTTERED BAND: A few things come to mind when you think of the word “buttered”. Yellow, silky, smooth, soft. All of which are synonymous with both the look and sound of our new favourite Gold Coast duo – Buttered.                                                    Buttered is made up of Scott Dalton and Jackson James Smith and a whole lot of blonde hair. The band started out in late 2019 and have already made a solid impact on the Australian music scene.

GIMMY FLOWENS AND THE SPRING ROLLERS: Based in the Northern Rivers, GIMMY is a solo female artist that brings a diverse flavour to the table or folk, indie-rock and sways of garage. Gimmy also known as one of the front women of Psych surf band “The Oogars”, delivers a raw authentic sound with heavily lyrical songwriting and vibrato vocals that captivates crowds with her expressive stage performance.

GENIIE BOY, hailing from just ’round the corner, are nothing but a mixed bag… like a good old Allen’s party mix. They might start out as an acoustic duo with warm guitar lead lines and airy harmonies (probably a milk bottle), but you might also get thrown into a deep house remix of an old cover song somewhere along the journey too (maybe one of those piña colada pineapple ones). Throw in a little giggle no doubt, and all of a sudden you’re on your way to scoffing the whole bag.

CREME FRAICHE: Hailing from the East Coast of Australia Dizzi Stern, Janu Kewish and Charles SG bring you Creme Fraiche. A fusion of Funk, Jazz and Psychedelia all will be cooked in a musical pot and served straight and uncut to the people.

HARRISON R KING: Harrison R. King is an Antipodean composer and multi-instrumentalist. Inspired by the awe-some natural world, human introspection and a plethora of cross genre and inter-continental influences, Harrison weaves a sound tapestry that keeps music lovers wide-eared and stirred.


The day will also other special guests, so keep an eye out!

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