From 7:00pm11th Feb

Dave Graney and Clare Moore – Live in the Gallery

Dave Graney voice and guitar Clare Moore multi instrumentalist.

However they choose to play, they bring their story and their songbook which stretches to over 40 albums. They make show like few others. During the initial Melbourne pandemic lockdown they started doing online shows every week, sometimes twice a week and revisited songs from all these albums as well as workshopping new material. They kept their performing nerve and playing and writing skills sharp. Then the lockdown eased and they played some shows around Australia. Then the lockdown came back again. Lucky their lockdown nerves held too.

They had been planning a rock album with their band, the mistLY but times didn’t allow it so they made their own album in their studio. The duo’s album is a classic Compact Disc packed with too many songs for vinyl. It’s an album for the freaks called EVERYTHING WAS FUNNY. They’ll be playing some of it – mixed in with old classics from their songbook – along with some choice interpretations of other peoples songs in this late 2021 tour. When people ask you in the future, “what was it like in those years-2020-2021?” You can begin by stroking your chin and saying …”weeelll… everything was funny”…

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